"Nude Male Drawing 1965 30x37" by Francisco Zuniga - 🔥1965 Framed Charcoal Drawing - Inquire - 7 Watchers - Blue Chip - A Steal
Nude Male Drawing 1965 30x37 Drawing by Francisco Zuniga
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Nude Male Drawing 1965 30x37 Drawing by Francisco Zuniga - 0
Nude Male Drawing 1965 30x37 Drawing by Francisco Zuniga - 1
Nude Male Drawing 1965 30x37 Drawing by Francisco Zuniga - 2
Nude Male Drawing 1965 30x37 Drawing by Francisco Zuniga - 3
Nude Male Drawing 1965 30x37 Drawing by Francisco Zuniga - 4

Francisco Zuniga

Nude Male Drawing 1965 30x37

Drawing : Charcoal
Size : 19x25 in  |  48x64 cm
Framed : 30x37 in  |  76x94 cm

7 watchers
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Hand SignedLower Left 

Condition Excellent 

Framed with PlexiglassWhite Gold Leaf Frame w/ White Mat  

Purchased fromGallery 2000 

Story / Additional Info🔥Fabulous Provenance - Inquire 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Francisco Zuniga

Art Brokerage: Francisco Zuniga Costa Rican Artist: b. 1912-1998: Internationally acclaimed sculptor and printmaker Francisco Zuniga was born in Costa Rica. Zuniga studied drawing, stone sculpture, and engraving at the School of Fine Arts in San Jose. Later, in 1936, Zuniga studied stone carving at La Esmeralda in Mexico City. Zuniga's art reflects a love and respect for Central American people and traditions. As a complement to Zuniga's emotionally powerful sculpture, Zuniga's prints articulate the sensitivity and sensuality of the human figure. He has been the recipient of numerous international prizes and awards. Francisco Zuniga's work is exhibited frequently in prominent galleries throughout the world and may be found in the permanent collections of twenty-nine museum's. Listings wanted.

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