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    Art Brokerage: Jose Barbera Spanish Artist: b. 1948. Jose Barbera was born in Valencia, Spain in October 1948. He began to paint at the age of 10. In 1957 he began his formal training in art. He attended the Art & Craft School in Valencia from 1960 and attended the Fine Arts High School in San Carlos, Valencia from 1967 to 1972. During his education and training he studied under the Spanish professor, Mr. Genaro La Huesta and Mr. Santiago Rodriguez. Barbera began painting professionally when he completed his training in 1973. Since this time he has exhibited in galleries, including Sala Ticiano, Valencia in 1973, Galeria San Horge, Alcoy, Alicante in 1980, Galeria Bachiller, Vaencia in 1983, Galeria Ingres, Madrid in 1984, Galeria Gabarro, Sabadell, Barcelona in 1986, Galeria De Arts, Zaragoga in 1987, Galeria Belles Arts, Gijon, Asturino in 1988 and Galeria San Gorg, Alcoy, Alicante in 1990. The artist describes himself as a representational landscape painter. His focused subjects are landscapes, flowers, and houses. Listings wanted.

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Morning Haze 2003 14x30 Original Painting - Jose Barbera

Jose Barbera

Morning Haze 2003 14x30

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 10x14 in  | 25x36 cm
Framed Oil on Canvas $2,500
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Wanted: Jose Barbera

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