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  • Kathleen Friedenberg

    United Kingdom

    Art Brokerage: Kathleen Friedenberg British Artist: Kathleen Friedenberg began her professional career as a veterinary surgeon in England, and came to the United States, on a Thouron scholarship, studying human and equine orthopedics at the University of Pennsylvania. Following marriage, and study at a commercial art school, she spent several years doing medical and veterinary illustration, including illustrating three books. Sculpting began at night school, just for fun, but soon became a full-time occupation. Further study with Zenos and Evangelos Frudakis resulted in a more structured and classical approach, and her veterinary background gives her unexcelled understanding of animal anatomy and movement. Horses are the favorites, in a wide range of human and animal subjects, and she was actively involved with the American Academy of Equine Art, having been a Vice-President and Director of Education, and conducting an annual workshop of equestrian sculpture, under their auspices, mostly at The Kentucky Horse Park, for twenty years. Winning the Academy's "Award of Excellence" for three consecutive years, and more, as judged by fellow equestrian artists, was a special achievement. She has also taught classes, in sculpture of the horse, at the Scottsdale Artists' School, in Arizona, and several additional states, most recently at Brookgreen Gardens, S. Carolina in 2016 and 2017, then in private studios since. She is a member of various other art groups, including the Society of Animal Artists and the National Sculpture Society, winning numerous awards, including Medal of Honor at both Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club and the American Artists' Professional League, in New York. Her work has appeared on the cover of The Chronicle of the Horse more than twenty times, and in a variety of other publications, including Equine Images magazine, Spur magazine, Kentucky Horse Park's magazine "Discover Horses", "The Hunt" magazine, Daphne S. Landis's beautiful book "Speaking For Themselves - The Artists of Southeastern Pennsylvania", an article on equestrian art in Wildlife Art magazine, a profile in "Horses in Art", and ‘Sidelines' magazine She was the subject of National Sculpture Society's May/ June 2013 on-line ‘Profile', and has since become Fellow of the organization. She is particularly known for the accuracy and vitality in her work. "If it isn't alive, I've failed!" Listings wanted.

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Farrier Bronze Sculpture 2012 19 in Sculpture - Kathleen Friedenberg

Kathleen Friedenberg

Farrier Bronze Sculpture 2012 19 in

Sculpture: Bronze, Hand Signed, From the Edition of 5

Size: 10x19x7 in  | 25x48x18 cm
🔥Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture
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