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    Art Brokerage: Gary Niblett American Artist: b. 1943. Gary Niblett was born in Carlsbad, New Mexico, a town located in the middle of vast ranch lands, where familiarity with cowboys and cattle are a part of every child's heritage. He revealed his artistic talents at an early age by painting commissioned portraits of the local ranchers' horses. In 1963 after attending Eastern New Mexico University, Niblett moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in the Art Center College of Design. In order to finance his studies, Niblett took a job as a background artist with the Hanna-Barbera animation studios. He developed his skills and knowledge of lighting and color as well as design and composition. After eight years he left the studios to pursue a career as an artist. Niblett's distinctive style has grown out of his fondness for the Western way of life, especially that of the cowboy. As a boy, Niblett helped round up and brand cattle on ranches. He gained a respect for and working knowledge of life on the range, which is reflected in his vivid narratives of the West. At thirty-three, Niblett became the youngest member ever elected to the prestigious art organization, the Cowboy Artists of America. This same organization awarded Niblett the silver medal for oil painting in 1977 and the gold medal for watercolor in 1991. He is also a member of the Santa Fe Watercolor Society and the National Academy of Western Artists (now Prix de West). In 1990 Niblett was chosen the Distinguished Calendar Artist by New Mexico Magazine. Listings wanted.

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Canyon Night Riders 18x22 Original Painting - Gary Niblett

Gary Niblett

Canyon Night Riders 18x22

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 11x15 in  | 28x39 cm
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