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"Seated Nude 25x21" by Paul Emile Pissarro - 🔥Charcoal on Paper $4,500
Seated Nude 25x21 Works on Paper (not prints) by Paul Emile Pissarro
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Seated Nude 25x21 Works on Paper (not prints) by Paul Emile Pissarro - 0
Seated Nude 25x21 Works on Paper (not prints) by Paul Emile Pissarro - 1

Seated Nude 25x21

Paul Emile Pissarro

Works on Paper (not prints) : Charcoal on Paper
Size : 11.75x9 in  |  30x23 cm
Framed : 25x21 in  |  64x53 cm

Listing Info
Artist Bio

Hand SignedLower left 

Condition Excellent - The drawing and frame are in excellent condition. 

Framed with PlexiglassOrnate gold frame, see photo 2 

Story / Additional InfoThis drawing formed part of the Stern Pissarro collection and is recorded in the Paulemile Pissarro works on paper archivesat Pissarro Stern Publications, Limted, London. Entry no D5610 

Certificate of AuthenticityPissarro Stern Publications 


Paul Emile Pissarro - Finland

Art Brokerage: Paul Emile Pissarro French Artist: b. 1884-1972. Paul Emile Pissarro was born in Eragny, France in 1884. Paulemile -which is how he preferred to spell his name - was the fifth and youngest son of Camille Pissarro. Following his fathers death Paulemile returned from Paris with his mother to Eragny, which was only about 20 miles away from Giverny where his father's good friend Monet lived. Paulemile would travel to Giverny where Monet gave him lessons in painting and horticulture. Paul-Emile Pissarro studied with his father and Monet for many years and was exhilarated by the fleeting effects and sought subjects reflectios in grass fields, orchards, water, snow, seasonal rhythms of country life and like his father shows us his love of Barbizons landscapes. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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