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"Untitled Painting 26x26" by Paul Tapia - $1,800 Well Priced
  • Untitled Painting 26x26 Original Painting by Paul Tapia
    Untitled Painting 26x26 Original Painting by Paul Tapia - 0
    Untitled Painting 26x26 Original Painting by Paul Tapia - 1
  • "Untitled Painting 26x26"

    Paul Tapia

    Original Painting
    Oil on Canvas

    Size: 24 x 24 in  |  61 x 61 cm

    Framed: 26 x 26 in  |  66 x 66 cm

    Hand Signed : Lower Right
    Condition: Excellent
    Framed without Glass : Wood With Gold Inlay Line
    Purchased from : Private Collector 2018
    Provenance :
    Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
    LID : 118586
    Paul Tapia

    Art Brokerage: Paul Tapia American Artist: b. 1940. Paul Tapia was born in San Francisco on August 14, 1940. He is of Spanish, German and Greek descent. Paul Tapia is among the greatest living abstract artists in the world today. Some collectors describe his work as forceful or powerful, while others allude to the ethereal, almost self-illuminating quality of the work. For 25 years Tapia has used the slogan Paul Tapia paints abstracts…for people who don’t like abstracts. This evolved as a result of many staunch traditionalists making statements such as “I usually don’t like abstracts-but these I like.” Tapia’s paintings have no symbolic or hidden meaning. Tapia allows others to title his works. He feels an artist’s title on a painting can take away a personal interpretation that someone has about a particular painting. As Tapia puts it, “One person’s sunset is another person’s sunrise. So if a painting blows someone’s dress up, I don’t want to mess with their hemline.”Paul Tapia is spontaneous and outspoken. He is very philosophical, and admittedly he is a sentimental sap. He says “Most artists are a little different than the rest of humanity, so I fit right in.” Those who really know Paul Tapia agree that his paintings are a very accurate extension of his unique personality. It was Michelangelo who said that beauty needs neither apology nor explanation. It is there to be enjoyed, to be appreciated, to be absorbed by the physical senses. Paul Tapia’s abstracts fully encompass Michelangelo’s theory. Listings wanted.

  • Untitled Painting 41x64 Original Painting by Paul Tapia

    Original Painting
    Oil on Canvas

    Huge and Very Well Priced