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"El Otro 2007 60x40 Huge" by Raul Enmanuel - 🔥Huge Acrylic Painting
El Otro 2007 60x40 Huge Original Painting by Raul Enmanuel
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El Otro 2007 60x40 Huge Original Painting by Raul Enmanuel - 0

El Otro 2007 60x40 Huge

Raul Enmanuel

Original Painting : Acrylic, Charcoal And Materials on Canvas
Size : 60x40 in  |  152x102 cm

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Hand SignedAcrylic, Charcoal And Materials on Canvas 

Condition Excellent 

Not Framed 

Purchased fromEstate Sale 2007 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Raul Enmanuel - Cuba

Art Brokerage: Raul Enmanuel Cuban Artist: b. 1958. Born in San Luis, Santiago, Cuba, 1958. The origins of his iconography a elements that are a reminder of this great artist's work. Though Enmanuel has used these elements as a point of inspiration, he has succeeded in making the work entirely his own. He has focused on Lam's early jungle work as a jumping off point, to create a body of symbols, and a language that depicts a reverence for Mother Nature, and his work has a power and intensity that is rarely found in contemporary art. Enmanuel was selected to create two huge murals in Cuba. One is a 40 ft. mural at the Railway Station in Santiago, and the other is a 30 ft. mural in the lobby of the Melia Cohiba, which is the top hotel in Eastern Cuba. These are both extremely prestigious projects, and have placed this great artist in an important historical context. Listings wanted.

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