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"Miles Davis 2000 41x28" by Robert Katona - 🔥Acrylic on Canvas - 6 Watchers
Miles Davis 2000 41x28 Original Painting by Robert Katona
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Miles Davis 2000 41x28 Original Painting by Robert Katona - 0
Miles Davis 2000 41x28 Original Painting by Robert Katona - 1
Miles Davis 2000 41x28 Original Painting by Robert Katona - 2
Miles Davis 2000 41x28 Original Painting by Robert Katona - 3
Miles Davis 2000 41x28 Original Painting by Robert Katona - 4
Miles Davis 2000 41x28 Original Painting by Robert Katona - 5
Miles Davis 2000 41x28 Original Painting by Robert Katona - 6
Miles Davis 2000 41x28 Original Painting by Robert Katona - 7

Miles Davis 2000 41x28

Robert Katona

Original Painting : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 41x28 in  |  104x71 cm

6 watchers
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Hand SignedLower Right and on Verso, Top Center 

Condition Excellent 

Not FramedNot Framed 

Purchased fromAuction House 2003 

Provenance / HistoryNicklebys Auction. Katona is an American Artist and innovator of the Flow Painting Technique , a technique that requires liquid acrylic paints be poured on to a canvas , creating a dynamic flowing composition. When the paint is dry, Katona studies the free form color field and looks for abstract shapes and images that suggest a theme. He then paints these visions into the background with startling precision . When viewing his work it may take several minutes , or even several viewings to find the hidden images and overall impact of the work. 

Certificate of AuthenticityBruce A. Capra Certification # 94-0324008 Nickleby 


Robert Katona - United States

Art Brokerage: Robert Katona American Artist: b. 1967. Born in Athens, Ohio, he has chosen to live most of his life in Golden, Colorado. He is a self-taught artist and a falconer. His close association and familiarity with hunting birds, hawks and falcons, has led to illustration contributions to the Raptor Research Foundation and the North American Peregrine Foundation. Honors for his art include twice winning the Jenkins Award at the Gilpin County Arts Association Show. His paintings have been exhibited in several galleries, including the Denver Art Museum and the Kennedy Galleries in New York. Original paintings wanted.

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Wanted: Robert Katona

Oils on CanvasOriginal Painting: Lithographs


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