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  • B.C. Nowlin

    United States

    Art Brokerage: B.C. Nowlin American Artist: b. 1949. Bruce Carlton (B.C.) Nowlin was born in 1949 in Alameda, New Mexico. B.C. Nowlin’s paintings reflect his cross-cultural background. Born and raised in New Mexico, his family’s land formed the southern boundary of the Sandia Pueblo Reservation. Entirely self-taught, using neither photos or sketches, Nowlin has created a visual catalog of spiritual journeys that have become his signature imagery. His palette reflects a stunning array of styles, a complex originality, and a surprising breadth of imagery that has attracted exhibitions in galleries and corporate collections worldwide. Nowlin’s works have become familiar Hollywood set pieces and popular posters, exhibited in places as diverse as the Grandberg Museum in Stockholm and the Museum of Iraq in Baghdad. His collectors include The U.S. Senate, The Presidential Palace of Costa Rica, as well as Sophia Loren, Tanya Tucker and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. B.C. Nowlin’s visionary work has been the subject of newspaper and magazine articles as well as television documentaries. His art has been featured on album covers and Hollywood films. Listings wanted.

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Lost Moon Unique Monotype 1987 25x33 Works on Paper (not prints) - B.C. Nowlin

B.C. Nowlin

Lost Moon Unique Monotype 1987 25x33

Works on Paper (not prints): Monotype, Hand Signed, Unique

Size: 25x34 in  | 64x85 cm
🔥1987 Framed Unique Monotype - Inquire $2,400
Motivated SellerReduced
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Into Day Indian Horses 1995 Limited Edition Print - B.C. Nowlin

B.C. Nowlin

Into Day Indian Horses 1995

Limited Edition Print: Lithograph, Hand Signed, From the edition of 100

Size: 36x24 in  | 91x61 cm
🔥Limited Edition Lithograph
Motivated SellerReduced
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Dreams Will Give Poster HS Limited Edition Print - B.C. Nowlin

B.C. Nowlin

Dreams Will Give Poster HS

Limited Edition Print: Lithographic Poster, Hand Signed, From the edition of 5

Size: 31x25 in  | 79x64 cm
🔥Framed - Hand Signed
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New Sky Embellished Limited Edition Print - B.C. Nowlin

B.C. Nowlin

New Sky Embellished

Limited Edition Print: Hand Embellished Giclee, Hand Signed, From the edition of 50

Size: 30x38 in  | 76x97 cm
🔥Framed Limited Edition Embellished Giclee - 6 Watchers
5 Watchers
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