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"Campbells Soup Cans 1, Suite of 10 Screenprints" by Sunday B. Morning - 🔥Set of 10 Mint Condition Screenprints - A Steal $3,500
Campbells Soup Cans 1, Suite of 10 Screenprints Limited Edition Print by Sunday B. Morning
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Campbells Soup Cans 1, Suite of 10 Screenprints Limited Edition Print by Sunday B. Morning - 0

Campbells Soup Cans 1, Suite of 10 Screenprints

Sunday B. Morning

Limited Edition Print : Screenprints
Size : 35x23 in  |  89x58 cm
Edition : Not numbered

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Not SignedAuthorized on Verso 

Condition Mint 

Not Framed 

Purchased fromOther 

Certificate of AuthenticitySunday B. Morning 

Additional InformationReady to Ship 


Sunday B. Morning

Art Brokerage: Sunday B. Morning prints are authorized reproductions which are noted in the Catalogue Raisonne of Andy Warhol. This site is not affiliated with Andy Warhol, his estate or any other official Andy Warhol group. Sunday B. Mornings were intended as a joke...with a stamp on the back which said fill in your name here. They are considered to be authentic reproductions and were authorized and included in the Catalogue raisonne of Andy Warhol. They look very similar to the hand signed prints...which are hand signed on the verso...so to the untrained eye..it is very difficult to tell the hand signed and numbered edition from the Sunday B. Morning edition. This week is it in Village Jim in the catalog résumé.

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