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"Composition With People" by Theo Tobiasse - Framed Limited Edition Colored Lithograph $2,500
Composition With People Limited Edition Print by Theo Tobiasse
Composition With People Limited Edition Print by Theo Tobiasse - 0
Composition With People Limited Edition Print by Theo Tobiasse - 1
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Theo Tobiasse

"Composition With People"

Hand Signed
Condition : Excellent
Framed with Glass : Gold Gilt
Purchased from : Gallery 1974
Provenance / History : Purchased it from the Catchpenny Art Gallery in 1974
Certificate of Authenticity : Catchpenny Art Gallery, Tarzana, Ca
LID : 90881
Theo Tobiasse

Art Brokerage: Theo Tobiasse Israeli Artist: b. 1927-2013. He was born in Israel in 1927. His family, from Lithuania, was hoping to find the “Promised Land” there. His past appears in his paintings. In Paris, where he and his family arrived in 1931, he had to hide during two years to escape the Nazis, but it was not enough. After the war, Théo Tobiasse longed for light. He then decided to move to the South of France. He experienced a kind of revelation with Rembrandt’s The Jewish Bride, which made him “discover the mystery of material and colour”. In 1961 – he was then a graphic designer in advertising – he was noticed by an art dealer, after winning the Prize of Young Mediterranean painting. He then dedicated himself to “art, with works impregnated with exile, the figure of woman mother/lover, and memories from childhood”. Painting, sculpture, carborundum engraving, pastel, drawing, pottery and stained glass are his favourite mediums, enabling him to express engulfed emotions. In the 1960s he took part in various exhibitions in Paris, Geneva, Montreal, Tokyo and New York. Original paintings Wanted