"Among the Cypresses 1991 28x19" by Tonino Gottarelli - 🔥1991 Acrylic and Collage on Canvas
Among the Cypresses 1991 28x19 Original Painting by Tonino Gottarelli
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Among the Cypresses 1991 28x19 Original Painting by Tonino Gottarelli - 0
Among the Cypresses 1991 28x19 Original Painting by Tonino Gottarelli - 1
Among the Cypresses 1991 28x19 Original Painting by Tonino Gottarelli - 2
Among the Cypresses 1991 28x19 Original Painting by Tonino Gottarelli - 3

Among the Cypresses 1991 28x19

Tonino Gottarelli

Original Painting : Acrylic and Collage on Canvas
Size : 27.66x19.29 in  |  70x49 cm

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Hand SignedCenter Right in Acrylic 

Condition Excellent 

Not Framed 

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Story / Additional InfoWonderful typical Italian painting done with acrylic and collage on canvas. The painting represents a view with two cypresses in the foreground that allow a glimpse of a landscape in the distance. This landscape is real and has been seen on the Imola hills, but what the artist Tonino Gottarelli wanted to implement is the perspective that recedes into infinity as far as the eye can see. The artist's signature in the center of the painting at the bottom is part of the work. Splendid summer landscape typical of our Imola hills. 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Tonino Gottarelli - Italy

Art Brokerage: Tonino Gottarelli Italian Artist: b. 1920-2007. Tonino Gottarelli was born in 1920 in a little street in the centre of Imola, which was to have a strong influence on his way of life. He started to teach history and geography at a middle school, until his interests moved into the field of child psychology and he became an elementary school teacher in the outlying areas of the Imola district. He wrote and painted continually. His first solo exhibition of paintings was held in Faenza in 1960. This was followed in 1966 by a more mature exhibition in Paris, which led to an invitation to the "Salone di Maggio". His love of nature prompted him to move around continuously, from one house to another, until he finally settled in the Pediano area of Imola, where he stayed for almost 15 years, in a very isolated house where he attempted to breed horses. He then started to write a collection of philosophical/love letters, in the form of a diary, which he published much later, at the end of 1981, with the title "Lettere Inutili". His philosophy and poetry acquired a new depth, and his passions achieved an echo of an existential dimension, the profound, continual tension of his state of mind, in this prose. This was the year that Gottarelli moved from the country into the city, to Via Spaventa. However, his thoughts and poetry were not disturbed, but acquired an inner strength that differed from his impressionistic works. Continuing his artistic ambivalence with the same fervor, he achieved equally important results and one could say that his poetry is "talking paintings" and his paintings "silent poetry". Tonino Gottarelli died February 20, 2007. Original painting wanted.

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