"Cosmos Bronze Life Size Sculpture 100 in - Huge Monumental Size" by Victor Salmones - 🔥Huge Monumental Size Bronze Sculpture - A SUPER Steal
Cosmos Bronze Life Size Sculpture 100 in - Huge Monumental Size Sculpture by Victor Salmones
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Cosmos Bronze Life Size Sculpture 100 in - Huge Monumental Size Sculpture by Victor Salmones - 0
Cosmos Bronze Life Size Sculpture 100 in - Huge Monumental Size Sculpture by Victor Salmones - 1
Cosmos Bronze Life Size Sculpture 100 in - Huge Monumental Size Sculpture by Victor Salmones - 2
Cosmos Bronze Life Size Sculpture 100 in - Huge Monumental Size Sculpture by Victor Salmones - 3
Cosmos Bronze Life Size Sculpture 100 in - Huge Monumental Size Sculpture by Victor Salmones - 4

Cosmos Bronze Life Size Sculpture 100 in - Huge Monumental Size

Victor Salmones

Sculpture : Bronze
Size : 100x40 in  |  254x102 cm
Edition : Original

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Artist Bio

Foundry Signature w/ StampOn Base 

Condition Excellent 

Purchased fromDealer 1994 

Provenance / HistoryVictor Salmones Beverly Hills Inc., Beverly Hills, CA 

Story / Additional InfoWeight approx 600 lbs 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 

Additional InformationSUPER SUPER 


Victor Salmones - Mexico

Art Brokerage: Victor Salmones Mexican Artist and Sculptor: b.1937 -1989. Victor Salmones was born in Mexico City in 1937 and studied at the prestigious Instituto de Bellas Artes (Mexican National Institute of Fine Arts). It was there that the famous Bauhaus master, Hoffman, discovered his talent, took him under his wing, and offered him an apprenticeship. Hoffman's encouragement led to the opening of Victor's own sculpture workshop in Cuernavaca in 1966. In 1967, Salmones' fluid bronze "Adam" was awarded first prize at the Biennale Exposition of the National Museum of Modern Art. His life-size bronze "Narcissus" was honored with first place in the national art competition juried by Harry Greer of the New York's Frick Museum and Charles Nagle of the Smithsonian. Victor Salmones worked principally in bronze, using the centuries-old lost wax method of casting. Each of Salmone's sculptures was cast in a numbered series of ten. Listings wanted.

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