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    Art Brokerage: Vie Dunn-Harr American Artist: b. 1953. Vie Dunn-Harr was born in San Antonio, Texas. Dunn-Harr found her artistic expression slowly, yet deliberately, and continues to explore the many possibilities in the creative process. She studied in Florence, Italy at the Lorenzo de Medici Instituto de Arte and with many accomplished artists whose work she admires. She derived much of her early experience from the traditional Warren Hunter School of Art and continues to embrace formalism while stepping out of bounds. More recently she has become intrigued with churches, religious icons, sacred moments, and a Church Series began. Flowers are a vital part of these compositions, and the forms are sensuous, beautiful, and fragile...a metaphor for life. Listings wanted.

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Untitled Landscape 32x25 Original Painting - Vie Dunn-Harr

Vie Dunn-Harr

Untitled Landscape 32x25

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 21x13 in  | 53x33 cm
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Wanted: Vie Dunn-Harr

Original Painting: Any other works


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