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    United States

    Art Brokerage: Al Diaz American Artist: b.1959. Born and raised Puerto Rican in New York City, he was known by age 15 as a prolific and influential, first-generation subway graffiti artist. During the early 70s, his popular and recognized name was "BOMB-1." Al Diaz is known for his friendship with Jean-Michel Basquiat and collaboration on SAMO©…, a well-known graffiti project appearing in lower Manhattan from 1978 to 1980. The tag and text slogans became known quickly on the streets and in the local newspaper media because of their wit and sardonic humor. Since Basquiat's rise to fame, the SAMO©… legend has become a globally recognized graffito and has been celebrated as cutting social commentary throughout contemporary art history. Al Díaz's career spans five decades. Listings wanted.

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Samo Grid #8 2023 48x120 - Huge Mural Size Original Painting - Al Diaz

Al Diaz

Samo Grid #8 2023 48x120 - Huge Mural Size

Original Painting: Spray Paint and Marker on Wood Panel, Hand Signed

Size: 48x120 in  | 122x305 cm
🔥Huge Mural Size Mixed Media on Panel - Blue Chip - Inquire
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Ghost Painting #1 2019 40x30 - Huge Original Painting - Al Diaz

Al Diaz

Ghost Painting #1 2019 40x30 - Huge

Original Painting: Mixed Media on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 40x30 in  | 102x76 cm
🔥Huge Fabulous Mixed Media on Canvas - Blue Chip - Inquire
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A Familiar Scent Remains, Mural Sized 48x109 Original Painting - Al Diaz

Al Diaz

A Familiar Scent Remains, Mural Sized 48x109

Original Painting: Mixed Medium on Bookbinding Fabric Adhered to Wood, Hand Signed

Size: 48x109 in  | 122x277 cm
🔥Fabulous New Mixed Media Original - Blue Chip - Inquire - Sought After 1st Generation Graffiti Artist
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