"Orange Energy 1993 55x39 - Huge" by Aldo Sesana - Huge Abstract Acrylic on Canvas- Abstract Expressionist
Orange Energy 1993 55x39 - Huge Original Painting by Aldo Sesana
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Orange Energy 1993 55x39 - Huge Original Painting by Aldo Sesana - 0
Orange Energy 1993 55x39 - Huge Original Painting by Aldo Sesana - 1
Orange Energy 1993 55x39 - Huge Original Painting by Aldo Sesana - 2
Orange Energy 1993 55x39 - Huge Original Painting by Aldo Sesana - 3
Orange Energy 1993 55x39 - Huge Original Painting by Aldo Sesana - 4
Orange Energy 1993 55x39 - Huge Original Painting by Aldo Sesana - 5

Orange Energy 1993 55x39 - Huge

Aldo Sesana

Original Painting : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 55.1x39.4 in  |  140x100 cm

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Hand SignedLower Left 

Condition Mint 

Not Framed 

Purchased fromArtist 1993 

Story / Additional InfoThree spaces nothing more to create another intriguing space in this painting. Two deep blue sides contain the central plane that encloses the most intriguing, an elongated shape made up of three spontaneous reddish orange brushstrokes that creates the sensation of floating in space and entering the dark blue shape on the left creating movement. The background is made up of several horizontal brushstrokes in pastel orange, old pink and multiple grays. Two half spheres Blue, green and orange in the center make up the center of the painting. 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Aldo Sesana - Argentina

Art Brokerage: Aldo Sesana Argentine Artist: Aldo Sesana, an Argentine artist with a long international career. He currently develops artistic and teaching activity in his workshop in Buenos Aires. In Argentina, he is a permanent artist at Los Coleccionistas, an art gallery in Buenos Aires. He has been a Juror at the Castagnino Museum. He was invited by the National Endowment for the Arts. He has made trips to the United States, Europe and the Orient. On his trips to India, he held exhibitions at Centaur Art Gallery in Bombay. In Spain, where he settled for three years, participated in more than six exhibitions. He made Didactic Illustrations for children's books. In Italy, he was invited by the De Venedictis Art gallery and he exhibits his paintings at D'arte Moderna, Milan. He won First Prize in the Pacific Art League. which opened the doors to exhibit in the USA. In Miami, he was a permanent exhibitor at George Sori Fine Art. He then settled in the Caribbean and exhibited in Saint Thomas at the National Gallery, also in Saint Yohn, Mapes and Monde Gallery. His work is admired by private, national and international collections. Listings wanted.

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