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"House in Glass Houses 2014 54x36 Huge" by Dom Pattinson - 🔥Huge Mixed Media on Canvas - 4 Watchers - Inquire
House in Glass Houses 2014 54x36 Huge Original Painting by Dom Pattinson
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House in Glass Houses 2014 54x36 Huge Original Painting by Dom Pattinson - 0
House in Glass Houses 2014 54x36 Huge Original Painting by Dom Pattinson - 1
House in Glass Houses 2014 54x36 Huge Original Painting by Dom Pattinson - 2

House in Glass Houses 2014 54x36 Huge

Dom Pattinson

Original Painting : Mixed Media on Canvas
Size : 54.33x36.81 in  |  138x93 cm

4 watchers
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Artist Bio


Hand SignedLower Right 

Condition Excellent 

Not Framed 

Purchased fromArtist 2014 

Provenance / HistoryThe artwork was purchased at an exhibition held by the artist, Dom Pattinson and Zebra One Gallery, Gabrielle du Plooy. 

Certificate of AuthenticityArtist 


Dom Pattinson - United Kingdom

Art Brokerage: Dom Pattinson British Artist: Artist Dom Pattinson smelts care-free, audacious attitudes and sassiness with street art influences to produce his own style upon large canvas’ and prints. Starting as a teacher in the small town of Suffolk Dom now has celebs clambering over his work. Starting with a bidding war between Russell Brand and Davina McCall where Davina took home one of his sought-after paintings at a fundraising dinner for Suffolk charity Focus12, after already selling work to the likes of Liam Gallagher, retail giant Tesco and a Broadway producer and now having his work owned by one of the most glamourized couples in Hollywood Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Dom’s work is being put up around the streets of New York and being supported by numerous art galleries out there as well as already having sell out shows in New York, London and exhibitions across the world including NYC, HK, Singapore, Valencia, Paris and London and Australia. Dom’s predominant influences came two-fold. He spent a length of time living in the Soviet Union and was immersed in the propaganda art that Russia was imbedded in and then Northern Ireland, where he witnessed young Sinn Fein activists with heightened emotions, which were expressed with politically motivated public displays – street art in its rawest form. Dom “realized that love and hate were different sides the same coin” and it was this concept of conflicted emotion that reminded him of the strife of teenage-hood. Seeing the irony in watching his daughters grow from sweetness into women-hood, through emotional trauma, and not being able to control it, plays a pivotal role in his work. This is amplified by his ten years of turbulence he experienced as a teacher. Teaching allowed relationships with teenagers other than his own to form, from whom he draws stories and emotions and consolidates the dilemmas his own children faced, which conceptually flourishes into some of his best work to-date. Listings wanted.

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