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"All Over the Sky, Sacred Voices are Calling 1998" by J.D. Challenger - 🔥🔥1998 Limited Edition Lithograph - Inquire - A Real Steal
All Over the Sky, Sacred Voices are Calling 1998 Limited Edition Print by J.D. Challenger
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All Over the Sky, Sacred Voices are Calling 1998 Limited Edition Print by J.D. Challenger - 0
All Over the Sky, Sacred Voices are Calling 1998 Limited Edition Print by J.D. Challenger - 1
All Over the Sky, Sacred Voices are Calling 1998 Limited Edition Print by J.D. Challenger - 2
All Over the Sky, Sacred Voices are Calling 1998 Limited Edition Print by J.D. Challenger - 3
All Over the Sky, Sacred Voices are Calling 1998 Limited Edition Print by J.D. Challenger - 4
All Over the Sky, Sacred Voices are Calling 1998 Limited Edition Print by J.D. Challenger - 5

All Over the Sky, Sacred Voices are Calling 1998

J.D. Challenger

Limited Edition Print : Lithography on Paper
Size : 20x30 in  |  51x76 cm
Edition : From the Edition of 800

Motivated Seller Reduced
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Hand SignedLower Right in Pen 

Condition Mint 

Not FramedIn Envelope 

Purchased fromPublisher 2008 

Story / Additional InfoPurchased the piece from Publisher- Greenwich Workshop. 

Certificate of AuthenticitySomerset House Publishing 


J.D. Challenger - United States

Art Brokerage: Park West: J. D. Challenger American Artist: J.D. Challenger was born in Oklahoma with a creative fire that first began to smolder when he was a very young child. After moving to Taos, New Mexico, Challenger enjoyed success as an artist painting landscapes. Privately, he continued to draw and paint as he was learning about Native Americans. He was reluctant to show his paintings in public for fear of offending a people he greatly admired. Working in oils and acrylics on canvas, as well as watercolor, Challengers' style continued to emerge and his passion grew. J. D. Challenger paints the story of a people rich in heritage and traditions; stories sometimes poignant, often angry... but always powerful and demanding to be told. Each portrait speaks its own truth. Listings wanted.

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