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    Art Brokerage: John Buck American Artist: B. 1946 - John Buck is both a sculptor and a printmaker. He works with two interrelated bodies of work: carved wood, assemblage and bronze sculptures, and large, multicolored woodblock prints. Since beginning his collaboration with Bud Shark in 1983, Buck has explored the expressive possibilities of woodblock in more than 60 different prints. Using a pen, a nail or his fingernail, Buck incises the wood planks that form the base and background of his prints with images and symbols drawn from the daily news, from his own sculpture and from nature. Embedded in this active visual field is a large, carved image, often a figure, but he has also depicted a jar full of fireflies, an eagle, or a subtly colored moth. The relationship between these two elements first engages the viewer in an appreciation of the beauty of the graphic quality in the print and then begins a conversation about our world and our place in it. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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Fact and Fiction 82x66 in PP 1997 Limited Edition Print - John Buck

John Buck

Fact and Fiction 82x66 in PP 1997

Limited Edition Print: Color Woodcut, Printer's Proof, Hand Signed, From the PP Edition of 2

Size: 74x58 in  | 188x147 cm
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Wanted: John Buck

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Wanted: John Buck

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