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  • Lisabeth Sterling

    United States

    Art Brokerage: Lisabeth Sterling American Artist: Lisabeth Sterling studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, University of Minnesota and Pilchuck Glass School. Her work is in permanent collections including the Wheaton Museum of American Glass and American Interfaith Institute and numerous private collections. Her intricate technique involves using a diamond tipped engraving tool. Lisabeth says about her work "The images in my engravings are much like lucid dreams on glass." Her vessels seem to flicker, and their play of inside/outside combined with her consummate drilling makes these objects sing their complex song with color and translucency. Sterling is the seer of Seattle, a kind of headhunter always ready to populate the world with more of her incredible characters. Sculpture wanted.

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Protection Glass Sculpture 1993 13 in Sculpture - Lisabeth Sterling

Lisabeth Sterling

Protection Glass Sculpture 1993 13 in

Sculpture: Glass, Hand Signed, Orginal

Size: 13x13x4 in  | 33x33x10 cm
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Wanted: Lisabeth Sterling

Glass SculptureSculpture


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