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"Untitled Landscape 1980 24x36" by Rino Li Causi - 🔥Framed Oil on Canvas
Untitled Landscape 1980 24x36 Original Painting by Rino Li Causi
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Untitled Landscape 1980 24x36 Original Painting by Rino Li Causi - 0
Untitled Landscape 1980 24x36 Original Painting by Rino Li Causi - 1
Untitled Landscape 1980 24x36 Original Painting by Rino Li Causi - 2

Untitled Landscape 1980 24x36

Rino Li Causi

Original Painting : Oil on Canvas
Size : 24x36 x1 in  |  61x91 x3 cm

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Hand SignedAlso signed on the back 

Condition Excellent 

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Rino Li Causi - Italy

Art Brokerage: Rino Li Causi Italian Artist: b. 1943 He was born in Marsala, Sicily in 1943. In 1960 he moved to Rome and began his artistic career under the influence of friends who were already established artists. In 1962 he moved to Florence where he developed and refined his personal style. In 1969 he began to successfully capture the essence of his emotional inspirations on canvas. Li Causi's paintings have been exhibited and enthusiastically received in major galleries throughout the world including one man shows in Tokyo, Florence, Rome, New York and Nice (France). Rino Li Causi has many different dimensions as an artist: Li Causi's paintings and prints celebrate the wondrous beauty of nature, represented by an almost overwhelming explosion of color. His canvases also act as windows into an age of innocence gone by. The past is ever present in his work. Naive characters from another time challenge us to comprehend the complexity and accomplishment of our modern day world. They beckon us to remember our journey to the present with both pride and nostalgia. Li Causi first began putting his creative impressions down on paper in the form of poetry during his summer retreats on the island of Favignana, off the coast of his native Sicily. Some of his large outdoor installations can be found on the island of Favignana. Most recently he has completed a series of limited edition tabletop sized sculptures of 3 of his most famous images. In 2005 Li Causi began selling his images as RinoCards. Each card is handmade and hand signed by the artist. The card line continues to grow and now includes 148 images. It gives Rino Li Causi great pride to know that his cards help people to express their most intimate feelings. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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