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"Hostile Sky 1990 HS by Pilots" by Robert Taylor - 🔥Limited Edition Pilot Ace Signed Lithograph
Hostile Sky 1990 HS by Pilots Limited Edition Print by Robert Taylor
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Hostile Sky 1990 HS by Pilots Limited Edition Print by Robert Taylor - 0
Hostile Sky 1990 HS by Pilots Limited Edition Print by Robert Taylor - 1

Hostile Sky 1990 HS by Pilots

Robert Taylor

Limited Edition Print : Lithograph
Size : 25x34 in  |  64x86 cm
Edition : From the edition of 1250

Listing Info
Artist Bio

Hand SignedSigned By 2 P-38 Aces and 2 Fw190 Pilots 

Condition Excellent 

Not Framed 

Purchased fromAuction House 2010 

Certificate of AuthenticityThe Military Gallery 


Robert Taylor - United States

Art Brokerage: Robert Taylor American Artist: A self-taught artist, Robert Taylor has been inspired & influenced by many friends, relatives & artists, including his maternal grand father Virgil Hughes, Wallace Hughes, Susan Leggett, Paul Pletka, Karl Bodmer, Pieter Bruegel, Oscar Howe, ­ John Biggers, Salvadore Dali, Mirac Creepingbear & Doris Littrell (of the Oklahoma Indian Art Gallery). Robert's philosophy of Art is a synthesis of the wisest teachings of the various cultures of his Blackfeet, Cherokee, Crow, Osage, Scottish & Black Dutch ancestors. A painter of exceptional technical prowess, Robert assigns greater importance to message than to composition & technique. Robert masterfully transfers the spirit of his imagination onto his painted canvas. According to Robert, All creation, one's life & everything in nature is sacred & full of meaning. Everything (sunlight, water, plants, gravity ... ) "has its own song" that can be expressed objectively or subjectively. Robert cites a Northwest Coast tribe that has a word in their language that means "to breathe". They use that word to define poetry & art. Robert states, "The mere act of breathing is poetry in motion, the art of life. We are all artists - our body is a brush, the world our canvas, & our life is our painting." Encouraging artists to honor "that which inspires" & to follow one's heart in creating Art, Robert states, "Remember the world is shaped by the dreamers NOT the critics". Eloquent expressions of symbolism, realism & surrealism, Robert's paintings are loaded with. meaning that is eloquently communicated to the higher self of each viewer. Robert's paintings portray the universality of man. Robert's images & symbols represent his profound awareness that we are all of the same tribe ­ Humanity - only from different clans. Robert paints people of all races as individuals, living in their environments & bound by their human experience & thoughts. His subjects are "not blinded by unquestioned devotion (to) race or creed". Robert uses symbols for their universality. Robert primarily works with acrylics, watercolor, pen & ink, & prints. Robert has exhibited extensively & won numerous awards at the Trail of Tears Art show at the Cherokee National Museum (Tahlequah, OK), the Five civilized Tribes Museum (Muskogee, OK), the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonials (Gallup, NM) & the Trail of Tears State Park Gallery (Cape Girardeau Co., MO). He has also exhibited at the Los Angeles International Contemporary Art Fair (Los Angeles, CA), the Red Earth Festival (Oklahoma City, OK), the International Art Festival (New York, NY) & the Smithsonian Institution (Washington, D.C.). Robert has also participated in art exhibits benefiting the Jane Goodall Foundation & the Special Olympics. Paintings wanted.

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Wanted: Robert Taylor

Oil on CanvasOriginal Painting


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