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  • Susan Pear Meisel

    United States

    Art Brokerage: Susan Pear Meisel American Artist: b. 1947. Meisel's Paintings are active in line and color which maintain that same relationship into the printed image. The artist evolves out of the tradition on Maurice Prendergast, Raoul Dufy, and Red Grooms in the portrayal of group scenes that are then incorporated into the aura of a Fragonard garden. One key part to Meisel's prints is her color. Whether through silkscreen or lithography, the inked hues carry their tonalities to the surface of the paper. The layering of multiple colors builds up a ground pattern that engages with one another in a vibrancy of color. In the earlier prints, the artist's colors are filled with variations of yellows and greens that converse with pinks, reds, and blues on various street scenes such as in Balducci's (1970). The Compliments of red pitted against green, blue vibrating with orange intensity and active the image in Changing of the Guard (1970) and Spanish Steps (1970). Original paintings wanted.

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My House 1980 Limited Edition Print - Susan Pear Meisel

Susan Pear Meisel

My House 1980

Limited Edition Print: Serigraph on Paper, Hand Signed, From the edition of 275

Size: 29x25 in  | 74x64 cm
🔥🔥1980 Hand Signed Limited Edition Serigraph - A Real Steal
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Wanted: Susan Pear Meisel

Oils on CanvasOriginal Painting


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