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"Passage de Benuett - Huge - Paris, France" by Vadik Suljakov - 🔥🔥Huge Ornately Framed Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas - Inquire - A Real Steal $1,700
Passage de Benuett - Huge - Paris, France Limited Edition Print by Vadik Suljakov
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Passage de Benuett - Huge - Paris, France Limited Edition Print by Vadik Suljakov - 0
Passage de Benuett - Huge - Paris, France Limited Edition Print by Vadik Suljakov - 1
Passage de Benuett - Huge - Paris, France Limited Edition Print by Vadik Suljakov - 2
Passage de Benuett - Huge - Paris, France Limited Edition Print by Vadik Suljakov - 3

Passage de Benuett - Huge - Paris, France

Vadik Suljakov

Limited Edition Print : Giclee on Canvas
Size : 40x33 in  |  102x84 cm
Framed : 51x41 in  |  130x104 cm
Edition : From the Edition of 195

New Motivated Seller Reduced
Listing Info
Artist Bio

Hand SignedLower Left 

Condition Excellent 

Framed without GlassOrnate Gold Frame w/ White Mat 

Purchased fromPrivate Collector 2024 

Certificate of AuthenticityPhoenix Art Group Inc. 


Vadik Suljakov - Russian Federation

Art Brokerage: Vadik Suljkaov Russian Artist: Since arriving in the United States over a decade ago, master Russian artist Vadik Suljakov (pronounced Shul-ya-kov) has established himself as one of the most distinguished young impressionists in the country. Vadik Suljakov, born in the cultural center of Moscow in 1960, comes from an intellectual family with many generations of artists and writers. His parents gave him an excellent home education, which included painting by the age of seven. He continued with Russia's most rigid and traditional art education and from the age of twelve to twenty, he perfected his style. Suljakov studied at the Moscow First Art School and served apprenticeships at the Moscow Graphic Art Committee and the Moscow Art Group. In 1990, Suljakov left Russia for the United States like many other artists had done, because they were asked to tie their art to politics. He then spent a year in New York City with a group of other artists from his native Russia, working as a commercial artist. When asked how he feels about the United States, Suljakov emphatically states, "I came to America when the time was right, when I had enough experience to express my art and thought on canvas." Original paintings wanted.

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