"Parrot Green Unique Two-piece Unique Glass Persian Set 2001 11 in" by Dale Chihuly - 🔥 Glass Sculpture - 8 Watchers - 13 Watchers - Blue Chip - Inquire
Parrot Green Unique Two-piece Unique Glass Persian Set  2001 11 in Sculpture by Dale Chihuly
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Parrot Green Unique Two-piece Unique Glass Persian Set  2001 11 in Sculpture by Dale Chihuly - 0
Parrot Green Unique Two-piece Unique Glass Persian Set  2001 11 in Sculpture by Dale Chihuly - 1
Parrot Green Unique Two-piece Unique Glass Persian Set  2001 11 in Sculpture by Dale Chihuly - 2
Parrot Green Unique Two-piece Unique Glass Persian Set  2001 11 in Sculpture by Dale Chihuly - 3
Parrot Green Unique Two-piece Unique Glass Persian Set  2001 11 in Sculpture by Dale Chihuly - 4

Parrot Green Unique Two-piece Unique Glass Persian Set 2001 11 in

Dale Chihuly

Sculpture : glass
Size : 7.38x11.25 x10 in  |  19x29 x25 cm
Edition : Unique

12 watchers
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Hand Signed 

Condition Excellent 

Purchased fromOther 2013 

Provenance / HistoryPrivate collection 

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Dale Chihuly - United States

Dale Chihuly. American. Born 1941 in Tacoma, WA.Dale Chihuly is an American artist and glass sculptor. He uses glass as the primary medium for his installations and large-scale sculptures.With a Fulbright scholarship and a Louis Comfort Tiffany grant, Chihuly went to work at the Venini glass factory in Venice.There he observed the team approach to blowing glass, which is critical to the way he works today. Venice has always been the city crucial for Chihuly’s work. His Venetian series is an homage to Italian Art Deco vases, it’s aesthetic and symmetry. In 1971, Chihuly cofounded Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State. With this international glass center, Chihuly has led the avant-garde in the development of glass as a fine art.1976 a car accident left Chihuly blind in one eye, and thereafter he was dependent on assistants to execute his designs.Chihuly’s work is exhibited in more than 200 museum collections worldwide.He has been the recipient of many awards.Major collectors have paid millions of dollars for Chihuly glass installations. Sellers: please provide your own photos for the artwork. It is under the artists' copyright. Listings wanted: We have buyers waiting for glass and original paintings.

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