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"Unveiled Spaces II 2019 15x12" by Gabriela Tolomei -
Unveiled Spaces II 2019 15x12 Original Painting by Gabriela Tolomei
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Unveiled Spaces II 2019 15x12 Original Painting by Gabriela Tolomei - 0
Unveiled Spaces II 2019 15x12 Original Painting by Gabriela Tolomei - 1
Unveiled Spaces II 2019 15x12 Original Painting by Gabriela Tolomei - 2
Unveiled Spaces II 2019 15x12 Original Painting by Gabriela Tolomei - 3
Unveiled Spaces II 2019 15x12 Original Painting by Gabriela Tolomei - 4
Unveiled Spaces II 2019 15x12 Original Painting by Gabriela Tolomei - 5

Unveiled Spaces II 2019 15x12

Gabriela Tolomei

Original Painting : Acrylic, Ink on Canvas
Size : 15.75x12 in  |  40x30 cm
Framed : 15.75x12 in  |  40x30 cm

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Hand SignedInitialed on Verso 

Condition Excellent 

Other FrameFramed With a Frameless Frame 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Gabriela Tolomei - Argentina

Art Brokerage: Gabriela Tolomei Argentinean Abstract Artist: b. 1962. Gabriela was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1962. She walked on a fertile spiritual road which nurtured her girl, painting was a little girl, painting was part of her life in most of her stages. After having been a business woman and marketing professional and having performed activities like drama and pottery Gabriela awoke in a deep understanding of her existence. The gates to her creativity were opened through her works of art as the result of everything she has lived. Tolomei is recognized as one of the most emerging Argentine plastic artists at international level. Her career includes exhibitions in New York, Miami, Palm Beach,Los Angeles, Barcelona, Mexico City and Punta del Este. Several other businesses will be taking her production to countries such as Germany and China. Since she was a little in her artwork. Words such as passion, heartbeats, vibration, energy and mystic are the definition of her work: just a "Tolomei". Early paintings wanted.

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