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    Art Brokerage: Miguel Ortiz Berrocal Spanish artist and Sculptor: b. 1933 - 2006. In the second half of the twentieth century Miguel Ortiz Berrocal undoubtedly stands out as one of the most interesting artistic personalities as well as one of the most important sculptors. He found his theme, the human figure and in particular the human torso during the 1960's which has practically remained his sole interest since then. Berrocal's early interest in mathematics and science became an important foundation in the evolution of his sculptures, in which every aspect is exactingly conceived. Miguel passed away in 2006. Whether large or small, the assembly of each sculpture is the result of producing individual units or elements that are cast individually as interlocking parts. These elements are precisely designed by the artist before they are given three-dimensional life. His legacy at the Fundacion Berrocal lives on. Sculpture Listings wanted.

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Romeo And Juliet Beauty And The Feast, Gold Plated Place Setting 1969 Other - Miguel Ortiz Berrocal

Miguel Ortiz Berrocal

Romeo And Juliet Beauty And The Feast, Gold Plated Place Setting 1969

Other: Artistic 40 Piece Place Setting That is Gold Plated, Not Signed, 1969-1975

Size: 10x8 in  | 24x19 cm
🔥40 Piece place setting
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